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Moringa As Treatment for Hair Loss

The abundance of Zinc, and Vitamins A, and E, as well as the amino acids required for the production of keratin, makes Moringa an excellent hair tonic.

Moringa seeds have very high fat content. The oil extracted from the seeds is known as Ben oil, and it forms 40% of the seed. This edible oil is odorless with a light texture and sweet taste. A unique feature of this oil is its stability and resistance to oxidation. The main component of Ben oil is a saturated fat called behenic acid, which does not become rancid on keeping, unlike most vegetable oils. This expensive oil is used in many high-quality skin and hair care products.

Moringa seed oil improves blood circulation in the scalp and stimulates hair growth. However, on account of it being very expensive, traditional herbal remedies employ seed powder instead. Taking Moringa supplements is very effective too, as they supply the minerals and B complex vitamins that are important for hair growth.

How moringa promotes hair growth

Moringa is well-known for its nutritional properties, which consists of more calcium, vitamin A, iron, vitamin C
and potassium than foods like milk, carrots, spinach, oranges and bananas.

Because of its high concentrations of vitamins and minerals, it is able to give your body optimum health in ways that diet alone can’t. The nutrition found in moringa is more easily absorbed into the body compared to synthetic vitamins and supplements, which is why it provides visual benefits much quicker.
When it comes to your hair, moringa is able to improve the appearance of your hair, making it look shinier and healthier. This is because it has amino acids that are needed for keratin protein production. As your health is being improved by the consumption of moringa leaf, you can also combat common problems like breakage, dandruff and split ends.

The high content of vitamin A, zinc, vitamin E, B vitamins and silica are what helps to stimulate your natural hair growth, while at the same time addressing dryness, hair loss, brittleness and dandruff.

It also helps to deliver oxygen and nutrients throughout your circulatory system, so that your hair follicles are revived and prepped for growth. It even promotes sebum, which gives your hair natural moisture and gloss.

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